A man is fearful about using dating apps as he could end up matching with one of his siblings.

Couple on a date

Couple on a date

Zave Fors was shocked to discover that his father had "sold his sperm 500 times" and has no idea how many brothers and sisters he actually has.

Fors made the family discovery when he discovered that his former school colleague Daron McLennan-Colon was related to him.

He told Mirror Online: "Not knowing how many siblings I have has damaged my dating life.

"When I'm swiping around on Tinder, I don't really know who's related to me or not.

"There will always be a spectre of unknown lingering over me in intimate relationships. Short of genetically testing all of my partners, I will never have 100 percent certainty that we are not related.

"People say incest is statistically unlikely but isn't it unlikely that I went to school with my half-brother?"