A man who was banned from a hotel after a group of seagulls destroyed his room has been allowed to return after 17 years.

Seagulls destroy room

Seagulls destroy room

Nick Burchill was staying at the Fairmont Empress in Canada and had a suitcase full of sausages but when he left his room window open to keep the goods from spoiling, he returned to find his room had been ransacked by a group of seagulls.

In a Facebook post, Nick wrote: ''I remember walking down the long hall and opening the door to my room to find an entire flock of seagulls in my room.

''I didn't have time to count, but there must have been 40 of them and they had been in my room, eating pepperoni for a long time.

''In case you were wondering, Brothers' TNT Pepperoni does NASTY things to a seagull's digestive system.

''As you would expect, the room was covered in seagull crap. What I did not realise until then was that seagulls also drool. Especially when they eat pepperoni.''

After having some food, Nick notes that his belongings had been moved to another room. After check-out, his employer was informed that he would no longer be welcome at the Fairmount Empress.

But now, Nick after 17 years is no longer on the blacklist and has even been encouraged to stay at the hotel according to CBS.