A man has ''impressed'' onlookers who caught him dancing in the street, although they initially thought he was being ''violent''.

Dancing male

Dancing male

A mystery male was spotted prancing around the streets of London, England, on Wednesday (02.08.17), and his energetic performance sparked concern for passers-by who thought he was being aggressive.

Speaking about the unusual moment to the Mirror Online, eye witness Anthony Morris said: ''It was bizarre. I noticed him on the other side of the road doing his kicks and it really drew my attention.

''I was impressed at how high he could get his legs up.

''At first I thought he was kicking a bus so I got a bit worried that he was being violent.

''I was ready to get out of my car to make sure he was okay but I soon realised he wasn't being violent he was just enjoying himself.

''I was getting worried that he might kick himself in the face or hit someone walking past but he seemed pretty harmless.

''He was definitely eccentric. He reminded me of a mixture of Mick Jagger with the bizarre outfit.''

The man attracted even more attention when he fell to the floor, and whilst others were worried he had caused himself an injury, he seemed unfazed by the blip and simply continued dancing.

Anthony explained: ''I loved how when he fell he just stood up dusted himself off and carried on like it never happened.''