Northern accents face being wiped out by 2066, linguistic experts have said.

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Phrases such as 'Eeh bah gum' and 'howay pet' could become obsolete in the next few decades as southern words spread across the country.

Experts say that children find words and phrases from the south easier to pronounce as they are heard more often in the media.

It is predicted that the pronunciation of terms such as 'strut', which rhymes with 'foot' in the north, and 'singer' - which rhymes with 'finger' - will fade.

However, the way northerners pronounce 'bath' and 'grass' is expected to remain the same.

Researchers from both Cambridge and Portsmouth University compared language studies from the 1950s and 2016 and concluded that South East pronunciations have been overtaking the North for decades.

Dr. James Burridge, from the University of Portsmouth, said: "Our modelling could predict how the English language will evolve over the next 40 years or so."