A pensioner ended up in hospital after shoving half a 3ft phone charger in his penis to ''scratch an itch''.

Man gets phone charger stuck in penis

Man gets phone charger stuck in penis

The patient, in his 60s, walked into the Dalian Central Hospital, in the Liaoning Province, China, with 20in of the cable still hanging out between his legs, the Metro reported, and admitted he didn't sterilise it.

He told nurses: ''I didn't disinfect it, but I washed it a bit.''

Urologist Gao Zhanfeng, who treated the man, said: ''Getting it ion there is easy, but it twisted in his bladder and created a knot, so we couldn't pull it out again.''

The cable was removed by burning through the knot and Dr Zhanfeng pulled 11in of it out and the remaining part was retrieved using a cystoscopy and endoscopy.

The man has been discharged.