Exercising outdoors can prevent a range of diseases.

Outdoor exercise can stop a range of diseases

Outdoor exercise can stop a range of diseases

A landmark study by the University of Exeter has discovered that any form of physical activity outdoors can prevent almost 13,000 cases of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) - including depression and type 2 diabetes - a year in England and save treatment costs of over £100 million.

NCDs are defined as conditions that cannot be transmitted between individuals and result in long-term health problems.

Previous findings have found that exercising in natural environments is beneficial for health but this is the first time research on the subject has been conducted on a nationwide scale.

Dr. James Grellier, from the university's medical school, told the i newspaper: "We've almost certainly underestimated the true value of nature-based physical activity in terms of disease prevention.

"Although we have focused on six of the most common non-communicable diseases, there are several less common diseases that can be prevented by physical activity, including other types of cancer and mental ill health."

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