People need to spend five hours per day standing up for the sake of their health.

Standing up for five hours per day is good for health

Standing up for five hours per day is good for health

Researchers in Australia have worked out the 'optimal' amount of time that humans need to spend sitting, sleeping, standing and exercising each day to maintain a healthy heart.

Experts have regularly warned about how being too stationary raises the risk of diseases including cancer and type 2 diabetes and the new study recommends just six hours of sitting down per day - three hours less than average in the UK.

Meanwhile, four hours per day should be spent on exercise (two for vigorous and two for light) while eight hours and 20 minutes of sleep is ideal.

Dr. Christian Brakenridge, the study author and expert in exercise physiology at Melbourne's Swinburne University of Technology, said: "Of course, moving as much as you can is always encouraged when so much of life requires us to be sitting in front of screens.

"Shorter sitting time and more time spent standing, undergoing physical activity and sleeping give great boosts to our cardiometabolic health."

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