The owners of a ''haunted'' house say they can't even give the property away.

Haunted House

Haunted House

Estate agent Sylvia McLain has offered the Louisiana property free of charge so her firm can rebuild on the land, but there have been no takers.

Sylvia admits that she has heard ''all the stories'' about the house, which is said to be haunted by an elderly woman.

Dawn Vallot DeClout - who used to live in the four-bedroom property - claimed that the house is spooked by her grandmother Adele, who was known for ''meddling in the kitchen''.

She said: ''We believe [Adele] is the ghost, but she's not menacing at all. She was probably like 4ft 9in and weighed about 100lb.

''She lived to be almost 90 and she was always digging in the pots, like when you have something on the stove and someone goes and looks in the pot and stirs it around.''