A peacock has been running into people's back gardens after escaping from a local farm.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

A lady who spotted the bird outside her house claims the animal is very quick and nimble.

Tonie Coe said: ''He is very fast and very clever - he charged at me and flew over me which caused me to nearly slip.

''It could have been on 'You've Been Framed'.''

Confused, Tonie called a local vet's practice to ask for advice but was just laughed at when she told the woman on the line her story.

She said: ''She advised me to phone up the RSPCA, she didn't know what to say, apart from contact 101.''

She then told the police, who said they could not do anything until Percy started blocking the road.

Other residents of her street in Estover, which is on the outskirts of Plymouth, said they heard a peacock's unusual cries.

The naughty bird was last photographed this morning in a back garden a few streets from where he outsmarted Tonie.

Percy - who escaped from a nearby Poole Farm - is apparently still roaming free.