A trainee police officer who stole full English breakfasts at his work canteen has been banned from the force.

Full English

Full English

Jamie Larman stole seven fry-ups during training with Thames Valley Police, despite telling other trainees he was not allowed free meals as he lived less than 20 miles from the training centre.

At a virtual misconduct hearing, Jamie was found to have ''breached the standards of professional behaviour in respect of honesty and integrity''.

Larman admitted his behaviour was gross misconduct and was added to the College of Policing's banned list, meaning he cannot work with any other force.

John Campbell, who chaired the disciplinary panel, said: ''On numerous occasions he 'de facto' stole from Thames Valley Police in the form of breakfasts from Sulhamstead Canteen.

''He did this in the full knowledge that he was not entitled to such free food and was breaching force policy.''