Scientists want urgent research into the consequences of having sex in space.

Boffins are desperate to study the impact of space sex

Boffins are desperate to study the impact of space sex

David Cullen, Professor of Bioanalytical Technology at Cranfield University, believes that space tourism firms such as Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin have not made sufficient plans for the issue of guests romping in orbit.

In an article for The Conversation, Professor Cullen wrote: "My colleagues and I believe that space tourism companies haven't adequately prepared for the consequences of people joining what we would call the 'Karman line club'."

The Karman line refers to the boundary that marks the beginning of space.

US space agency NASA hasn't specifically banned astronauts from having sex but the code of conduct calls for 'professional standards' to be maintained at all times.

Despite the rules, Professor Cullen expects a couple to have made love in space within the next decade.

He explained: "Considering that space travel is no longer reserved for the professional astronauts, the various motivations of space tourists and upcoming spacecraft developments, we concluded that in-space sex will probably happen within the next ten years."