A sea lion has been rescued after it was spotted near a motorway in California.

Sea lion

Sea lion

Wildlife rescuer Dave Zahniser helped retrieve the animal - which has been name Gilligan - with assistance from the California Highway Patrol.

Experts believe that the animal found itself near the busy road after losing its way in the water.

Dave - who works for the Marine Mammal Center - said: ''This is a California sea lion. They can walk quite a way.''

He explained how he and his team had to slowly approach the sea lion and avoid surprising it.

He added: ''We sent some of our best, and they worked with local law enforcement, animal control, and were able to use our standard netting techniques.''

Zahniser also urged people not to approach the creatures if they spot the away from their habitat.

He explained: ''They have really big teeth and they are not house-broken. If you're thinking about taking it home with you, or moving it on your own, big endeavour. We really recommend you don't do that.''