One of Nasa's satellites has captured the moment that the Kavachi volcano erupted, deep in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Research into the underwater 'Sharkcano' found that fish and sharks had inhabited the waters surrounding it and, it is believed that the sharks may have mutated so that they could cope with the extreme and unusual conditions.

Both silky sharks and scalloped hammerhead were filmed swimming around the volcano during a research visit and, in the years since, scientists have been digging deeper into exactly what is going on.

Nasa captured the eruption with their powerful scanning telescope, the Operational Land Imager, from aboard the orbiting Landsat 8 satellite.

Their imagery shows discoloured water being emitted from the underwater volcano, captured across several days between April and May of this year (2022).

In a statement, Nasa said: Prior to this recent activity, large eruptions were observed at Kavachi in 2014 and 2007. The volcano erupts nearly continuously, and residents of nearby inhabitated islands often report visible steam and ash.

"The island is named for a sea god of the Gatokae and Vangunu peoples, and it is sometimes also referred to as Rejo te Kvachi, or "Kavachi's Oven"'."

Let’s hope the presumed mutated sharks and other creatures can still make the waters their home!

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