Sharks are generally a sign of danger or threat in a dream. Perhaps you should ask yourself what you feel threatened by right now in your waking life.

Wavebreak Media ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Wavebreak Media ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

A shark could also be symbolic of your emotions- perhaps you are afraid to look deeper into your feelings and where they have originated from.

You might recognise a certain aggressiveness or impulsiveness in yourself that you need to exert more control over as others are threatened by your tunnel visioned approach.

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If a shark tried to attack you in your dreamscape, is someone ambusing you or trying to take something away from you in your waking hours?

If you saw a number of sharks in the water, it's prudent not trust anyone around you right now. The good thing is that you can see them for what they are.

If you were being pursued by the shark in your dream- this represents a danger you've put yourself in by disturbing someone or something in their home or natural surroundings.

Escaping a shark attack in your dreamscape could be telling you to try your hardest and run away from potential danger. If you see an enemy making their way towards you-someone you're trying to stay clear of- simply turn around and head off in the other direction. Don't look back. 

On the flip side, if you could see no way out, this could be mimicing how you feel about a situation you are in right now. 

If the shark didn't eat you, you might be able to dodge a difficult situation in the near future or have you recently? It could also act as a warning to you not to hurt others.

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