Spider webs could give men a boost in the bedroom.

Spider webs can help men perform in the bedroom

Spider webs can help men perform in the bedroom

A landmark study saw strands of silk spun by the arachnids implanted into the genitals of men who were unable to get aroused as a result of nerve damage caused by prostate cancer surgery.

The experts extracted gossamer strands from the golden silk orb-weaver spider - whose webs are capable of surviving tropical storms - and six men in their 50s had them attached to both ends of a severed nerve.

The spider strands had the desired effect as half of the men saw their sexual function return within three months while two others reported a libido boost.

Dr. Nina Harke, of Hannover Medical School in Germany, said: "Spider silk is a promising new biomaterial. It's safe, supports nerve regeneration and it's tough and elastic."