Pitch-black cocktails containing squid ink are on the menu this Halloween.

A Dark Storm for Halloween

A Dark Storm for Halloween

Google Trends found in September, searches for ‘black drinks’ soared by 138% as hosts prepared for their bashes on the spooky holiday on 31 October and the inky ingredient is proving ideal for a gothic showstopper.

A spokesperson for drinks brand Diageo said: “This is a drinks trend that we predict we’re going to see a lot this Halloween, as people move out of their comfort zone into experimenting with making drinks with unusual flavours and colours”.

Although the idea of using squid ink could be intimidating, the experts insisted it won’t taste “fishy” and is easy to use.

The spokesperson added: “Squid ink can be easily bought at a fishmongers, or in little packets at specialist grocery stores. We’d recommend adding a couple of drops to taste while mixing up drinks like a Ciroc Vodka Martini Cocktail; a Tanqueray G ‘n’ T, a Johnnie Walker and Coke, a Guinness twist on a classic or even a delicious mocktail made with Seedlip.

“It’s not got that fishy smell that people might presume it has, it’s more of an umami, sea salt-type taste that complements other sweet or rich flavours well.

“For an extra touch to your spooky cocktails, add dark berries like blackberries, blackcurrant, black olives or even liquorice and you’ve got a delicious, eerie-looking drink that’s sure to nail the trend on October 31st.”

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