A holidaymaker was stunned when he found a squirrel had stashed his car full of nuts.

Squirrel hides nuts in car

Squirrel hides nuts in car

Andrew Wilkins, 25, went travelling for five weeks with his girlfriend Jen, 26, and when he returned, he booked his car into a garage because he was having trouble when changing gear, the Metro reported.

Before dropping it off at the garage, he opened the glove compartment and found it full of nuts.

He said: ''I told one of the mechanics to take a look and he said 'what the f**k'.

''Within 30 seconds, all 10 of the garage's mechanics were gathered around the car having a laugh.

''The reason I couldn't change gear properly was because the acorns were absolutely everywhere.

''They were behind the trim, under the bonnet and inside gearbox assembly. Underneath the bonnet there's sound proofing and that had been torn apart.

''There were probably 100 acorns.''

Although he was happy to get his car back to normal - after forking out £168 for repairs - Andrew admitted he felt bad for the squirrels, who hid the nuts for the winter season.

He said: ''I had some squirrel squatters for a month. I feel bad - I ruined their winter and all their hard work.''