A study has found almost half of British people have ''very limited'' free time.

Free time wasted

Free time wasted

Research conducted by vape retailer ElectricTobacconist, has discovered 43 per cent of people feel time escapes them and they never have enough hours in the day to enjoy some quality me time.

And among the 43 per cent of people 38 per cent suffer stress as a result of not being up to tick their errands of their to do list.

The founder of the company, Pascal Culverhouse, said: ''Clearly, free time is seriously limited for many adults in 2017, and this is having some pretty negative effects - not only in terms of people's mental health, but for some it is actually impacting on their general health, which is definitely a concern.

''Taking time out of your day for yourself is obviously really important - but for some, it can be very difficult to find the time to do so. Those who live with housemates, partners or their families could try to share out tasks like household chores, cooking and paying utility bills or doing the food shopping, to make it equal and free up time outside of work.''

Although a vast majority of people believe they do not have any free time, 39 per cent of people feel their spare moments are eaten up by undertaking household chores, while 26 per cent have extended their working day.