A new survey has found traffic jams is the top reason for family travel tension during the Christmas break.

New survey on Christmas travel tension

New survey on Christmas travel tension

On average around 93 per cent of families will be travelling during the festive season - with most tackling the journey on Boxing Day - and, according to the survey completed by DisneyLife, 75 per cent of parents use digital devices to stop their children being bored.

The survey has also found a list of the top ten reasons for travel tension include needing the toilet, being late and issues with the vehicle.

Now DisneyLife has launched the ultimate driving home for Christmas collection, which has been designed to help make travelling more entertaining, and the app features the most downloaded movies and TV shows for Christmas.

Chiara Cipriani from DisneyLife said, ''Travelling to see the family at Christmas is a well-known journey for many parents across the UK - bringing with it both moments of joy and tension!

''It seems that many families take advantage of digital entertainment to make the journey a little more fun, so we're excited to launch the ultimate driving home for Christmas collection on DisneyLife.

''With DisneyLife's library of hundreds of TV shows, books and music, hopefully we can help parents and kids alike enjoy the journey even more together.''

Here is the top ten reasons why people dislike travelling over Christmas:

1. Traffic jams (47 per cent)

2. Kids getting bored (40 per cent)

3. Complaining about needing the loo (24 per cent)

4. Trying to fit everything in the car (23 per cent)

5. Complaining about being hungry (22 per cent)

6. Kids disagreeing (20 per cents)

7. Being late for family occasions (19 per cent)

8. Parents getting bored (18 per cent)

9. Car breaking down/mechanic problems (18 per cent)

10. Talking over the radio (15 per cent)