'Touch base' has been voted Britain's most loathed jargon phrase.

Guz Khan

Guz Khan

The irritating saying came out on top over other grating phrases such as 'sliding into DMs' and 'thinking outside the box' in new research from mobile network SMARTY.

Social media was found to be the most common place to see or hear jargon, with 40 per cent agreeing that it is the most frequent offender. Jargon is also regularly spouted on the news (33 per cent) and government announcements (28 per cent).

SMARTY have teamed up with comedian and actor Guz Khan to create the Jargonary, the world's first dictionary of jargon phrases.

Guz said: "Life is complicated enough without us using crazy jargon. The way I see it is no-one actually knows what people mean when they're asking to touch base or spit ball ideas, it's nonsense!

"I've teamed up with SMARTY Mobile to write the Jargonary, a dictionary of silly jargon phrases to shut this madness down and to keep things nice and simple."