A town called Asbestos has been given permission to change its name.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The town in Quebec, Canada wants to change its moniker as the cancer-causing mineral does not have a ''good connotation''.

Mayor Hughes Grimard claims that businesses have refused to invest in the town because of its name.

In a post on Facebook, the local council said the name was ''hindering plans to develop external economic relations''.

It said: ''As the word 'Asbestos' does not have a good connotation, particularly in English-speaking circles, it is a brake on the city's willingness to develop economic relations abroad.

''It is therefore in keeping with the will of the municipality to be dynamic on both the citizen and economic levels that the decision to change the name was made.''

The mayor has promised that citizens of the town will be involved in the name change.

He said: ''Since citizens are the ambassadors of a municipality and represent its vitality, it was obvious that the public would be involved in the process and the choice of the new name.''