Crowds of commuters shed their trousers across the world for the annual 'No Pants Subway Ride'.

No pants

No pants

On Sunday (13.01.19), pants-free participants in fifty cities - including New York, London and Berlin - celebrated the 17th anniversary of the cheeky event.

Paddy Jane, captain of the 'No Pants Society' in Toronto, gushed about the event and said ''it's a really good time''.

He wore army camouflage gear including matching underwear and held a megaphone to direct the other participates for their commute and after party.

He bellowed: ''We've got 99 problems but our pants ain't one. We break out of leg jail and we ride the rails. You got to break out of pants prison!''

The 'No Pants Subway Ride' was founded in New York in 2002, and later found its way to Toronto six years later.