A gang of turkeys have been chasing police cars down the road in a small town in Massachusetts.

Turkey attacks police cars

Turkey attacks police cars

The large birds - which are native to area - have been wreaking havoc for residents of Bridgewater - 30 miles south of Boston - as they've been harassing, attacking and running after them.

One of the victims, Bob Smith, filmed the birds and told WCVB: ''They've been chasing me. They've imprinted on me (that I am) lower in the pecking order.

''They came from over a hill behind me. The first one in the flock pecked me in the calf. I was moving away from them. They figured 'we have more power over you. You're scared of us'.

''I'm facing off at them right up to the point that one came at me with his spurs.''

Bridgewater Police were forced to put out a warning on social media and accompanied some words of advice with a short video of one of their patrol cars being pursued by a group of the birds.

The post reportedly said: ''Aggressive turkeys are a problem in town. State law doesn't allow the police or the Animal Control Office to remove them.''