A woman believes she has found the biggest crisp in the world.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Janine Ross discovered the snack - which measures 20cm in length - in a packet of Asda onion ring snacks at a friends' birthday party.

Janine says it was impossible to measure the crisp accurately because it bends and twists, but it would beat the world record if straightened.

She said: ''We were at a birthday party when I found it, everyone was shocked and just started laughing hysterically.

''We weren't expecting one that size, we have quite a few packets a month and they are usually the regular 'o' shape - but this one was huge.

''If it was straightened out it would be about 20cm long, I took a picture of it by a tape measure and you can see it's massive.''

Janine says the crisp hasn't been eaten as has become their ''prized possession''.