A woman created a life-size cake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to commemorate the royal couple's wedding on Saturday (19.05.18).

Lara Mason Cakes (c) Facebook

Lara Mason Cakes (c) Facebook

Lara Mason from the West Midlands, England, spent over 250 hours making the detailed sponge, whilst looking after her 12-month-old twins and working a full-time job, in order to create a realistic depiction of the couple.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, she said: ''It really has been a labour of love but I'm so please and so proud of myself, it's the tallest cake I've ever made. Annoyingly, Prince Harry is 6ft 2 so it had to be 6ft 2, but you don't know until you try. Every time I test myself and push my boundaries I learn something new.''

The cake could feed 500 people and was made using 300 eggs, 15kg of flour, 15kg of butter and 15kg of sugar.

Lara needed 10kg of buttercream, 20kg of modelling chocolate and 50kg of fondant icing to hold the masterpiece together.

She made the cake for a Cake International event taking place in November.

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