A woman has invented a sushi pasty.

Woman creates sushi pasty

Woman creates sushi pasty

Chandra Gilbert was inspired to create the savoury snack after she heard that someone else thought it would be a good idea to throw seaweed and salmon into a croissant and, although it didn't go down well, she wanted to think outside the box.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said: ''As a sushi fan, I often take any I've made that's left-over to work, but, inevitably, the filling starts to escape.

''By making sushi into pasties, using nori sheets instead of pastry and creating a sushi rice salad, it provides the perfect way to take your sushi to work or on a picnic.''

Chandra - who used to live in Cornwall - came up with the sushi pasties as part of a national competition in which Japanese food company Yutaka asks cooks to devise with new ways to serve the fishy delicacy.