A woman started eating her friend's steak as revenge for him constantly interrupting her.

Food revenge

Food revenge

A Reddit user called Bri has taken to the internet to detail her anger towards Gary, revealing how she became so infuriated with his loud talking and constant interruptions, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She shared: ''I was done being polite at this point. I was mad and highly irritated. I had already had a couple of drinks and thought, 'F**k. This. Noise.' (sic)''

As the food arrived at the table while they were sat in a restaurant, she decided it was the perfect opportunity to get her own back.

She said: ''Gary just sits there in front of his plate talking and talking. So I pushed my salad aside and grabbed his plate of untouched steak.

''He stopped talking, looked stunned, and said, 'Bri, what are you doing?' I ignored him and kept eating his steak.''