A woman found a shrine to Nicolas Cage hidden under her house.

A shrine to Nicolas Cage found hidden under home

A shrine to Nicolas Cage found hidden under home

The woman's friend revealed the baffling story online after she discovered the tribute when workmen came to lay new cables.

The shrine featured movie memorabilia, candles, goblets, and at least 12 photos of the 'Dream Scenario' actor hanging from the ceiling.

The technicians also found a kneeling rug, complete with a box full of items from his films.

The woman had lived in the house a year before the alarming discovery, leaving everyone intrigued as to how the shrine came to be.

Her friend wrote on Reddit: "It was right under my friend's bedroom too.

"When her mum saw it she got in there and cleaned it all out because she was way too weirded out by it.

"It must have been a set up by the previous owner. I only know that she was a middle-aged lady, not sure if she has kids."

Throughout his career, the 60-year-old star has appeared in well over 100 movies and won Academy Awards, Golden Globes and more for his work.

One Reddit user jokingly replied: "We should all do this - a couple hundred years from now it will be a religion."

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