A woman underwent cosmetic surgery to have jewellery fitted into her eyeball.

Eyeball Surgery

Eyeball Surgery

Dr Emil Chynn completed the surgery at the Park Avenue LASEK Surgery in New York on his keen patient by implanting a 3mm-by-4mm-wide platinum heart into the eyeball during a procedure, which he claims is pain-free and takes three days to heal.

After the three days, the patient is unable to feel the eye accessory because the implant is smoothened, polished and curved to fit the shape of the eye.

Dr Chynn - who has 20 years of experience as a surgeon - says the surgery's exclusivity is what makes it appealing.

He said: ''This is a purely cosmetic surgery . There are only two or three people in the whole of the United States of America that have undergone this.

''It is not widely sought and I'm performing less than one surgery per year, out of a population of over 325 million.''