A woman has created an application form for prospective boyfriends.

Arantza's love game

Arantza's love game

Arantza Fahnbulleh has grown tired of going on dead-end dates, and so she has instead devised a list of questions to find herself the ideal male companion.

The job application-like questions relate to things like transport options and her prospective boyfriend's willingness to work ''overtime''.

Of her approach, Arantza told BuzzFeed: ''A daddy or a zaaady is much more than just a boyfriend or a bae.

''Your daddy wants you to win and see you shine! And you're always learning something from him, that's why he's your daddy.

''It has nothing to do with his age or finances (but a good income is a plus!) He's just always there to support, encourage, and challenge you to be your best.''