A woman has been left with a black eye after being hit the face with a hot dog at a baseball game.

hot dog bizarre

hot dog bizarre

Kathy McVay was taken to hospital for a brain scan to check for concussion after she was struck in the face by the Philadelphia Phillies' mascot when he accidentally launched the meaty treat in her direction.

In an interview with 'ABC', she explained: ''The next thing I know he shot it in our direction, and bam. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses flew.

''It just came out of nowhere. And hard.''

The mascot - named the Phillie Phantic - is famously known for launching hot dogs wrapped in duct tape at fans from an oversized cannon in between games but up until this point no one has ever been injured.

Ms. McVay said: ''I have a small hematoma in my eye. And mostly, it's going to get worse before it gets better. It's going to go down the side of my face.''

Although she doesn't plan on taking any legal action against the baseball club, she does have a warning for other fans who watch the game in the stands.

She said: ''Just to be aware, because you never know. I understand a baseball, but not a hot dog.''