A woman has claimed she has been having sex with her dead boyfriend's ghost.

Not Simone

Not Simone

The woman - known simply as Simone - insisted it the spirit was ''definitely'' her former partner, and said her deceased partner made late night visits to her room.

Calling into New Zealand radio show The Edge, she said: ''I get some good sensations.''

She was speaking to hosts Jono Pryor and Sharyn Casey when she revealed her long-term boyfriend tragically passed away, before claiming he ''still vists'' every so often.

She added: ''Well I just sort of know he's there, I get some things, you know some little notes to know he's in the room.

''And then you know, I get a bit excited and he comes closer and closer.''

She explained that the paranormal intimacy involved ''no kissing'', but ''some sensations'', and insisted it definitely isn't a dream.

She said: ''No, I'm definitely sure it's him.''