A woman terrified her boyfriend after ''sewing'' her lips together in a Halloween prank.

Woman terrifies boyfriend with Halloween outfit

Woman terrifies boyfriend with Halloween outfit

Natalie Weaver practiced her Halloween make-up using tissue paper and stitching to make it look like her lips were sewn together.

And when the 23-year-old female went to show off her skilled costume design to her boyfriend, Stephen Hall, he woke up fearing for his life, the Mirror Online has reported.

Speaking about her beau's reaction, Natalie said: ''I definitely didn't expect half of the reaction that I received - I filmed it because I thought that when I went in he'd be shocked and maybe scream, but not this.

''I had been watching a few Halloween make-up tutorials as I have never done Halloween make-up before.''

Natalie filmed the whole ordeal and when her boyfriend woke up, he admitted he thought he was having a ''nightmare'' because he was so bewildered by what he saw.

Stephen added: ''I thought I was having a nightmare because it's not something you expect to see when you wake up.

''As you can see from the video I was absolutely terrified - I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know if I was still asleep or if my girlfriend had gone all 'Chainsaw Massacre' on me.''