A woman threw an unexploded World War II bomb across her garden for her dog.

A bomb

A bomb

Lulu Cirillo was gardening at her Weymouth home when her spade struck the bomb and - unaware of what the object was - Lulu thought her pet Shih Tzu may have wanted to play with the it.

She then cleaned the bomb before asking for opinions on what it could be on social media.

When Facebook users said it could be a bomb, a ''terrified'' Lulu called the police.

The 49-year-old said: ''I thought it was a stone so I threw it. It was muddy - I never thought it could be a bomb.

''I was thinking 'hours ago I was cleaning it in my kitchen'.

''They said it was loaded and very dangerous so they took it away and the next thing I heard was they'd disposed of it on Weymouth Beach.

''I'm taking it with humour. I never realised I might have been scattered around Weymouth.''