A woman felt "upset and humiliated" after asking what her neighbour's dog is called.

A woman was offended by the name

A woman was offended by the name

A dog owner has revealed an awkward exchange with a woman in the park when she asked him what his pet chug's name was, and she didn't like the answer.

He wrote on Reddit: "Eight years ago, I got a gorgeous chug and decided that the greatest name ever would be Askim.

"So when people ask me his name and I tell them, about 50 per cent of the time they’ll awkwardly bend down and ask my dog it’s name - it’s hilarious."

The novelty soon wore off, and the man started to see the name as a "regular" word while everyone "just got used to" the moniker.

However, he continued: "I just moved into a new neighborhood with a great park that has lots of dogs and very chatty regulars.

"An elderly lady asked Askim’s name. She said 'what?' so I repeated myself and she turned to my dog and asked him his name.

"I quickly explained but instead of getting the usual chuckle she became extremely upset and felt very humiliated."

He has since been approached by strangers claiming to have heard about "his joke" and insisted they "didn't appreciate pranks in a nice family park".

But the man added: "When going out, I’m not looking for new victims or inviting people to get tricked, and I wasn’t trying to trick her.

"It was small talk and I didn’t even think about it until I got a negative reaction.

"It’s been pointed out that elderly people can feel really insecure about their diminishing faculties and I know from personal experience that it’s very true."