A woman has revealed her creative way of dealing with unsolicited penis pictures.

Woman's creative response to unsolicited penis pictures

Woman's creative response to unsolicited penis pictures

Ginger Banks from Scottsdale, Arizona, is sick of men sending her naked pictures of their genitals and has found a simple yet effective way of preventing it from happening again.

She shared a screenshot of a recent conversation with a man on Twitter after he sent her a picture of his penis, where she accused him of sending her an image of a child's genitals and threatened to call the police.

She captioned the screenshot: ''My new response every time I get an unsolicited d**k pic.''

And the conversation had Ginger saying: ''Did you just send me a picture of a child penis?'' with the puzzled man answering: ''WTF no, what's wrong with you?''

She went on to say, ''It looks like a child's penis, I'm reporting this,'' and included a picture of the CyberTipline website for reporting incidents of child pornography.

The post quickly went viral, with followers sharing their own tips.

One man wrote: ''I dated a woman who kept the most recent one and sent it in reply to the next one she got. I thought that was creative.''