Mallika Sherawat has signed up as the lead in a Bill Bannerman Hollywood feature. Unveiled. Bannerman, former assistant to Clint Eastwood and producer to films like Grudge 2 and Walking Tall who cast Mallika, is surprised at the attention Mallika commands. "She's just so sensational. There's this great buzz about her, and she's a very talented actress," he says.At a Mumbai press event on Saturday, to announce Unveiled, Mallika appeared in a scarlet dress, demonstrated her ability to 'work' the press. Rarely disposed to interviews, the actress spoke at length about Hollywood's increasing acceptance of multicultural cinema, and her preparations for the role.She also thanked Jackie Chan for giving her a role in The MythUnveiled was described as a neo-noir thriller, and used the word 'provocative' much to the liking of the press.Ms Sherawat, meanwhile, played down the potential sexual parts of the role to talk about the character instead, describing it as a role any actress would love to play. Lind confirmed that there has been interest shown by prominent actresses for the part, the central protagonist being a Muslim woman who has to undergo quite a metamorphosis.Bannerman -- citing Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder and Brian De Palma as his influences -- spoke of disguise and double identity, as the story moved from the Middle East to the US. The central character finds herself in an extraordinary situation, as she takes on another identity. And then things, already complicated, get really out of control, he told the assembled press.Disagreeing with the suggestion that the film might be a Hollywood 'popcorn' thriller, Bannerman instaed describes it in onion analogy to talk about its layers, admitting that while it's an emotionally complex character, Mallika will also play a femme fatale. So just how racy, considering she has two husbands and a lover.

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