Stunning Salma Hayek

Stunning Salma Hayek

Actor Gulshan Grover who is infamous for his baddie Bollywood roles will be acting in the upcoming Hollywood movie The Driver alongside Spanish beauty Salma Hayek.

However the actor was so excited about his new leading role that he broke the news to the media prematurely causing the film’s director Bill Duke to ring the star asking him to explain his actions.

On the star said: “Yes, I had to rush to LA for some serious damage control. Everyone, from my leading lady Salma Hayek to my director Bill Duke, wanted to know, 'Gulshan, what's going on?’ The film's makers were miffed with me because I had broken their trust. Now it's all sorted out,”

He says he was too enthused to keep the project a secret. “I've signed a film with Salma Hayek and that too in a leading man's role. Why should I not shout about it from rooftops? Though I'd now have to be more discreet, no damage was done,” he added.

The shooting for The Driver will start in summer this year.

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