Dr Tony Ortega, clinical psychologist for 29+ years and author of straight-talking relationships and self-help books including “Enlightened: How to be spiritual and not be a d*ck” out now in all good bookshops and online (October 10 2022).

Author Dr Tony Ortega

Author Dr Tony Ortega


Fact 1: I usually only listen to 80's music. I mean was there a better or more colourful era of music? 80's music encompassed everything today's music wishes they had. 

Fact 2: I was originally a journalism major when I first started my university studies. I don't know if my love of Lois Lane and/or gossip fuelled this but yes, I entered university as a journalism major. After my first semester, I realized I wasn't cut out to take orders regarding my creativity from other people. 

Fact 3: Before being a mental health professional, I ran my own comic book store. I have loved comics all my life. The local comic shop in my hometown was being sold and I convinced my father to help me purchase it. I would still be in the business if it was not for needing to rip people off when they sold their collections to truly make any money.

Fact 4: I usually order the same thing at restaurants so as to not make a new decision every time. I hate making decisions so if I know that I like this one particular plate at this particular restaurant, I will order it every time. Or maybe this is due to me being a textbook Libra. Who knows?

Fact 5: I feel the majority of mental health professionals have it wrong. I don't like the majority of the people in my field because they operate on an illness perspective. I feel that the best way to truly folks as a mental health professional, is to assess and build upon their strengths. 

Fact 6: I don't watch TV shows or movies that are directly related to my profession. I have no desire to watch stuff regarding what I am already doing for 8 hours a day. And again, most media get it wrong as well. 

Fact 7: I can watch the original Dynasty or Golden Girls over and over again. I grew up with Dynasty and am still so enamoured by the show and the characters decades later. Regarding the Golden Girls, the best acting and dialogue ever on a TV show in my opinion. 

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