Dressing Marilyn

Dressing Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe remains one of the greatest big screen iconc as well as a fascinating figure both on and off the big screen.

One thing that you can say about the actress is she always looking stunning and a new book Dressing Marilyn takes a look at some of the outifts that she wore over the years.

Dressing Marilyn contains previously unseen dress patterns, enchanting sketches, rare costume test shots and photographs of Marilyn wearing the dresses plus exclusive extracts from interviews with William Travilla about his relationship with his fashion muse.

William Travilla is one of the best costume designers of all time and Marilyn Monroe his most famous client yet surprisingly little is known about Travilla himself and the special bond that existed between him and Marilyn.

He also worked with some of the most glamorous celebrities Hollywood has to offer.

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