The Girl On Paper

The Girl On Paper

So when I picked up this book in the office, having trawled through a rather large pile labelled ‘UNREVIEWED’ I didn’t hold much hope. I read the back and thought okay this sounds a bit different. So I decided this was the book I was going to review. I opened it on the train home and for the next 24 hours I was lost to the world.

The amazing thing about this book is you don’t get the characters described to you, you are introduced to them. As the story continues, your relationship with them grows.

This isn’t the usual ‘chick’ book that you settle down to once your favourite soap has finished. This is a story of love after love and of success after a rough start.

Three of the main characters, Tom, Milo and Carole are from the wrong side of LA, they have all worked hard to make themselves a success and have always ‘been in it together’ (yes I did just quote high school musical).

Tom has become a superstar following his success as a writer and has recently gone through a public break up. Milo and Carole are trying their hardest to help their friend find another route other than the one he is currently taking of drink, drugs and being alone.

Next this beautiful stranger (Billie), who is claiming to be from one of his books appears and a whirlwind adventure starts. One to return her back to her world and win him the love of his life back,, all in one.

This is a special book because you are drawn into the story with every twist. You replicate feelings that are shown by the characters. You feel what they feel, you find yourself wanting what they want. You imagine being in the settings painted for you by ’Guillaume Musso’ and can almost smell the flavour of French streets, LA slums and swanky bars.

Sub stories start to emerge throughout the book, which just show you how people all over the word love. It shows how special certain relationships are and makes you want to jump into the story and shake the characters up a bit so they realise just how special what they have is.

My opinion is that this book is something that has been distant from me lately within literature. It is a breath of fresh air, a wake up call that make you want to take on the world, grab love by the hands and jump into emotion.

The ending just surprised me entirely, a well rounded, happy ending with a great creative streak.

I strongly recommend you run to the shops and get yourself a copy of this one.

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