Angela's back in London, two years after she left but now she has a whole new life, she's engaged, she's living in the US, she has her own magazine, so much has happened. As well as a lot of love and laughs, it's a book that looks at how people change and how they stay the same. Angela has been on a journey but so have her friends - Jenny has changed jobs, moved across America and back again. Alex has fallen in love and proposed to his girlfriend. Louisa has a baby. Her mum is turned sixty. There's a lot going on for everyone which keeps Angela on her toes.

I Heart London

I Heart London

When did you decide to write women's fiction?

It wasn't so much a conscious decision as something that happened organically. When I sat down with my laptop, I wanted to cheer myself up and I Heart New York just popped up out of nowhere. After that, it just felt natural to me. I love making people laugh so comedy just felt like something I wanted to do.

What is your background in writing?

Professionally, I was an editor for six years and I've done a lot of ghost writing for children's books. Before that, I was always writing stories, even when I was really young. It was my idea of fun.

How much did your role as an editor help you in writing your novels?

I don't really think too much about it when I'm writing but it definitely helped me shape my approach to the overall 'job' of being a writer. I had a clearer idea of what was necessary to get the book into shops and then have it succeed from there. You can write the best book in the world but if you don't market it properly, no one will read it these days. Sad but true!

Have you visited all the places your books are set?

Yep. I love to travel so it's a great excuse!

Which is your favourite city and why?

New York. I love it here. Ever from the first time I visited, I just fell in love with the city, with the people, with the energy. It's just electric here - always a million things going on. I've never felt so at home anywhere.

Do you have any idea where Angela will be venturing off to next?

Angela is having a rest for the time being. there's something new coming up next!

How much of Angela is in you?

Probably quite a lot! We both over think things but then fail to communicate properly. And we're both clumsy. And we both like boys in bands. And Marc Jacobs.

How challenging is it to make each novel so different to the last given that it's the same character?

It is challenging but at the same time, it's interesting to be able to develop characters and see how their lives and relationships change. Plus I get really attached to the characters and I want to see how they react in lots of different situations. It's not like there's a shortage of experiences in life to write about!

What made you branch out and do The Single Girl's To Do List?

I just had a different story to tell. I wouldn't have wanted to shoe horn that storyline into the I Heart universe and you know what they say, a change is as good as a rest. I'd already written three I Heart books at that point and knew I would write two more. I think it really helped me as a writer to flex a different creative muscle.

All of your books have been best sellers, how does this make you feel as a writer?

It feels awesome! But at the same time, it's a lot of pressure. I try not to think about it too much to be honest. I think I'd go mad.

What advice could you give to someone wanting to write several novels about the same person?

Go for it. If you've got a genuinely viable series idea, it can be a lot of fun. Don't try to overstretch a concept though, series only work when there is a journey for you, your characters and your readers.

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