Monsieur Montespan

Monsieur Montespan

"Monsieur Montespan" is a captivating story about a man who lost his wife to one of the most powerful men in history. Unlike any other man who lost their wife to the King, Montespan is set on winning his wife back, despite that his competition rules France.

Jean Teulé, also the genius behind the book: "The Suicide Shop" brings us straight back in time with added historical humour.

This isn't just a boring history book, Montespan is easily loved and admired by the reader for his actions, going against everything a traditional seventeenth-century man wouldn't dare to do.

Right from the beginning the relationship between Montespan and his wife is a loving one, a rarity in this period of time.

However, they are in debt and when Madame de Montespan is given an oppotunity to change their fortune around as a lady in waiting to the Queen, it's an offer she can't refuse.

This novel is full of dramatic events that will have you gripped in an instant.

If you liked "The Other Boleyn Girl" then this book is certainly one to adore.

The book is due for release 14 February 2011, £7.99.

Naomi Havergal

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