Your thoughts are energy streams and constant thoughts create links to the people you spend time with. If your relationship is loving, then the cord that connects you will be vibrant and strong with love flowing constantly (apart from the odd tiff!) However, if a friend, family member or colleague is too demanding, needy or overwhelming they will be stealing your energy and the cord between you will be heavy and toxic.

Anne Jones, How To Heal

Anne Jones, How To Heal

What can you do?

If you want to change the status of your relationship you need to start with an intention to transform the energy that flows between you. Forgiving and opening a positive dialogue can help and you can shift the energy between you by channelling positive vibrations into the link, the cord, that flows between you.

Clearing the toxic energies that flow between you and someone in your life

Here are simple steps that can help clear the toxic energy that flows between you and someone close and can also release you from their controlling or manipulative attitudes and behaviour:

1. Write the name of the person involved on a piece of paper.

2. Hold the intention to clear the air between you, to let bygones be bygones and to forgive.

3. If the person controls or dominates you, your intention is to set yourself free

4. Cut a length of thread to represent the cord that connects you.

5. Release the negative energy in the cord by saying, “I send love and forgiveness to clear the cord between (name) and myself. I set myself free, now right now, right now” and break the cord or cut with scissors.

6. Complete by sending healing into the cord. You can use Reiki or this symbol (below) which will invoke light and healing energy streams that flow through your hands. Draw the symbol, with your hands, three times in the air then place your hands on the name of the person.

Attracting a new relationship

There can be several reasons why you are struggling to find a loving partner. If you have been badly hurt and abused in a previous relationship you’ll need to heal the wounds and imprints to your heart. You also need to bring down any barriers you have put up yourself. The healing you need will depend on the intensity of the pain of the breakup and is best helped by a therapist. However, to get you started, here are some basics steps you can take that will help you free yourself and clear barriers to new love:

· You will need to clear any old cords that may still be attaching you to past love.

· Release any redundant vows by saying “I clear and release myself from all vows and contracts I wish to dissolve, now, right now, right now.”

· Set your intention to be open to love by placing your hands together in front of your heart centre (in the middle of your chest). Open them slowly and deliberately three times and say, “I open my heart to receive love, now, right now, right now.”

You can find more healing symbols and exercises in my book ‘How to Heal’ and on my website:


Anne Jones is an international spiritual healer, teacher, and author of seven books translated into 18 languages. Her books include the best seller ‘Healing Negative Energies’. Anne gives seminars and personal sessions clearing emotional blocks, releasing past life imprints, recovering self-worth and improving relationships. She has developed a training course for healers using energy symbols and supporting products including Oracle Cards and Symbol Jewellery. Anne is also the lyricist of ‘Artaban the Musical’, which debuted in the West End in 2021 and will be launched as a film late this year. Anne is also founder of the charity Hearts and Hands for Africa. Her latest book is ‘How to Heal’, is out now. For further information on Anne’s work:




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