Astrology is an amazing art and science that is as old as any culture with written historical records and likely precedes even those. Its usage spans from the purely predictive, like the best times to plant seeds and harvest crops or start a new business, through the psychological, helping us to see factors that affect our default behaviors and how to get along better with others, and expanded out into the metaphysical, to see the types of Karma we came in with and how to overcome it to live in our Dharma, our highest expression in this lifetime. The popularity of astrology in the mainstream is growing at a compounding rate. Seeking the guidance of an astrologer or learning how to use it to help yourself and others, can be an enlightening experience and a wise investment. As you dive deeper into the wild and wonderful world of astrology, here are some things to know about astrologers:



1. Although astrology is an ancient predictive science that anyone can learn, it is also an ‘art’. Each astrologer looks at your charts through their own unique lens of astrology education, experience, and personal viewpoint. There are as many different ways to view your placements as there are astrologers!

2. Intuition can play a very strong role in an astrology reading. There are infinite ways to describe what a certain placement could bring, and the intuition of the reader can often help narrow it down to the pieces that are most relevant for that person.

3. There are countless types of astrology systems, with many based in different cultures throughout the world. Western, Vedic, Chinese, Mayan, Evolutionary, just to name a few. Within each type of astrology, there are also sometimes various systems, like the “Whole-house” and “Placidus” systems that are under the Western astrology heading. From my experience I believe all of them are correct and just as accurate, they are just looking at the stars from a different perspective with a different focal point that gives different insights. An astrologer may be well-versed in one or more types of astrology their background in the work and their readings could use one type or take factors from multiple systems into consideration.

4. Within each system, there can be many different charts astrologers can look at. You can dive into deeper layers of yourself and your experience by familiarizing yourself with some of these different types of charts. Some examples in the Western/Placidus system, that an astrologer can look at are your natal chart, solar chart, transit chart, progressed chart, and solar return/birthday chart. You can also look at many different types of synastry charts that combine your chart with other peoples charts to see where you have more or less flow.

5. Although it is true that in astrology as with many things, you often get what you pay for, readers at every level can hold important insights for you. A reader who has lots of experience and a high demand for their work will often have insights that other astrologers have no training or idea about. However, if you are on a budget and you cannot afford to access these field experts for reading, there are always amazing options a different price levels. My mother who has always been a teacher as her work and helped to bring about my natural teaching expression, would say, “you don’t have to know a lot about something to teach somebody else, you just have to know something they don’t know about the topic on which you’re teaching.“ This principle can be beautifully applied to astrology. Even a beginner student can offer an eye-opening insight! I very often see this happen in my Becoming a Professional Astrologer Mastery Course. Even though I’ve done thousands of readings over decades, my students at every level of study are constantly surprising and delighting me with their profound insights.

6. Astrologers have different intentions and areas of focus with their work and it is helpful to understand the scope of their work and their mission to help you find a perfect match. For instance, are you interested in a reading for predictive purposes? Or to plan important decisions aligning with the stars? Are you wanting to use astrology for business, or relationships, or to assist with parenting? Or clearing karma and living in your highest expression? Are you wanting to combine coaching with astrology to help you reach certain self-development goals? Some astrologers focus on what they think could happen, but other astrologers, myself included, may want to help you understand the energetic potentials at play and how to create the best with what you have available to you. Diving a bit deeper into the nature of the astrologers work by asking some questions can help you find the perfect astrologer for you.

7. As much as I always look for what is good and positive in anyone’s astrology work, there will sometimes be someone who could give inaccurate information or whose intentions might not be in the right place. It is very important to trust your intuition and follow synchronicity if you are unsure about whether to move forward working with somebody. If an astrologer tells you decisively something very serious and consequential about a negative outcome of an illness or the ability to have children, or the certainty of an outcome of a relationship, it is very important to not let that information be your only guide in your process.

Any professional can have an “off” day, or just be reading energy inaccurately. Astrology readings are just that, a reading of energy which looks in to the energetic potentials. What one person can’t see, someone else could. It’s important to not let a professional astrologer or a professional in any arena give you a reason to lose hope or make you think you cannot trust your intuition or own path.

For instance, when I was in my early 20s, I had a gynecologist tell me that if I didn’t have kids very soon, I never would be able to. I got a second opinion and the doctor I spoke to said I could have 20 kids if I wanted to and there was no hurry! I subsequently had children much later in life, with no problem. I shudder to think what would’ve happened if I would’ve given up on that dream because one person said it wasn’t possible, or if I would have rushed into having kids when it wasn’t the right time or with the right partner.

It’s very important to keep this in mind when you are working with an astrologer.

May your path with the magical science and Divine art of astrology be blessed!

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~ Annie Botticell

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