As adults, we're often given the opportunity to discuss our favourite books, fiction or otherwise, with friends and new faces. This leads to us discovering all-new authors and adventures to go on in an escape from the real world. For children, that's a little more difficult. Thankfully, the Bookabees subscription service is the perfect way to ensure their imaginations are kept running wild, as should always be the case for little ones!

In a world so full of disaster and despair, where we cannot turn on the television without seeing a headline that leaves us feeling out of sorts, it's more important than ever to show children that they can lose themselves in a great piece of literature.

Books are handpicked to best suit your child's age and interests each month, before being placed in a personalised box that will also be stuffed with educational activities, games, and a monthly newsletter.

Parents can choose whether to get one, three, or five books per month for their child, using either a FLEX plan, or a KEEP plan. With FLEX, parents return the books (or can opt to purchase them if they're a particular favourite of their children), whereas with KEEP, parents pay a little more to keep all of their books forever.

Those paying aren't ever tied into a contract, meaning they can cancel at any time, and the option to skip a month or schedule a holiday is currently being developed for the service. There's even the chance to change the amount of books a subscriber receives month-to-month.

A number of different interests are available for adults and their children to work through and like or dislike. From ghosts and the supernatural, to space, pirates, nature, history and more, there are a varied amount of topics to choose from.

When books do arrive in a box with the child's name on, plenty of excitement ensues! There's something wonderful about a parcel coming in the post and being directly addressed to a youngster. Their faces light up; it's not something they ever really expect until they're all grown up.

Once books have been read, there's a sheet at the back to mark the date of which it has been completed, as well as a space to give it a star rating. It's an interactive and fantastic way to keep the little ones engaged, even after their books have been read.

This is a fantastic subscription service, and one we're so happy to have reviewed!

To find out more about Bookabees and sign up, click here.

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