Calvin Harris is the world's wealthiest DJ with earnings topping $100 million in the last two years alone and the boyfriend of American superstar Taylor Swift.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

But fans of the record-breaking chart-topping DJ might not know that:

  1. His first ever public performance was reciting the Robert Burns poem 'To A Mouse' in front of his Dumfries classmates who teased him over his English accent.
  2. Calvin got into dance music after hearing Stardust's 'Music Sounds Better With You' aged 14 while sitting in his parents' car outside a zoo.
  3. He missed an entire year of school as a teenager after being struck down with the debilitating condition ME.
  4. His first live performance was at a charity music marathon in a local hotel for Children in Need - but Calvin was so nervous he hid at the side of the stage.
  5. Calvin endured long hours and punishing early shifts at a fish factory and hated stinking of fish. But he was moved from the packing production line because he was too tall for the fish table.
  6. While working in M&S to make ends meet in London he tried to stop a shoplifter stealing steaks, but let him go when the man pulled a knife on him.
  7. Calvin was so convinced his pop dream would never come true he made plans to open a music café for youngsters in Dumfries.
  8. His former business partner only discovered Calvin had made it as a pop star - when he saw his mate's video for 'Acceptable in the 80s' on TV!
  9. Calvin has always been canny with his cash. When he received his first pay cheque the first thing he bought was a new Hoover for his mum.
  10. After Calvin hit the big time with two top ten hits and a top ten album he hid a secret heartache after being dumped by a long-term love.

Calvin Harris: The $100 Million DJ by Douglas Wight is published by Black and White Publishing on October 21, at £9.99.

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