I became interested in cooking in the 70s when I was first married. We entertained more at home than in restaurants in those days. As I was a sugar addict, I was always more interested in the desserts than the main course.  When I developed prediabetes 2 my life had to change drastically.  I stopped eating sugar and I did not indulge in my “beloved” desserts. 

Carolyn Hartz

Carolyn Hartz

Even though it was very difficult to give up sugar and sweets I did feel incredible. As my blood sugar level stabilised I was a much happier person. There were no more blood sugar highs and lows, so the dreaded mood swings disappeared. I was a much happier healthier person and the threat of developing diabetes 2 was gone. Even though I played a lot of sport and exercised regularly it was easier to maintain my weight and I knew that it was going to be easier as I got older because of the change in my eating habits and lifestyle.  Yes I was a picture of health but I missed my sweets terribly. I was so happy when I discovered Perfect sweet xylitol. Not only was it sugar free but it was a natural sweetener that had added health benefits. 

Finally I could have my sweet treats again but this time they were not only delicious but they were good for me.  Best of all there was “no guilt” associated with having them so that made them even more enjoyable. I savoured every mouthful. 29 years ago we did not have a name for this. Today we call it “mindfulness”.

After being asked by many customers for a recipe book I finally wrote Sugar Free Baking and dedicated the book to anyone and everyone who thought giving up sugar meant missing out on the sweet treats in life.

All the ingredients in my recipes are healthy and nutritious. There are no empty calories and no guilt associated with eating them.

One could say my life began again at 41 when I was diagnosed with pre diabetes 2 and shortly after being gluten intolerant. Even though it was a nuisance then, it made me reassess my eating habits and lifestyle. I look back with no regrets as I am happy, healthy and fit.  At 70 I can kick a football with my grandchildren, I travelled to Boston and completed a business program at Harvard University in February, I run my business and I can even wear a bikini. Life is good after 40 years of marriage. What more could one ask for? 

Carolyn is based in Perth Western Australia.