In 2013 after a three-year battle through the Family Courts I finally secured residency of my youngest son ‘Junior’. The cost of my legal fees was extortionate, and in the final year I was forced to represent myself only just able to instruct a barrister for the final hearing. After a lot of time, money and heartache I am now a good place with my ex-wife who now sees Junior on a regular basis and most importantly Junior was never affected by the case and is an extremely happy young boy.

Whispers of Hope

Whispers of Hope

I should point out that I am not a lawyer, however I did learn a lot about the Family Courts in the final year’s battle to secure residency of my son. Because of this I made the decision to help others in similar situations and later begin a law degree. 

The parents that I helped went through sad and shocking situations many of these events are the basis ‘Whispers of Hope’.

A mother who came to me with a terminally ill child retold her story of how the father had an application with the court against her for not allowing him access to his child. In reality, it seems the legal team supporting the father had happily taken the money without looking at the facts of the case. The mother desperately wanted the father to see his dying child. Through my help the case against the mother was thrown out. 

Going to court is a stressful and frightening experience for anyone and the legal procedure daunting for those who have little or no experience. To date I have successfully assisted over 400 people in family law cases, some of these people I am still friends with today.

I have decided the time is right for writing ‘Whispers of Hope’ which are stories based on actual events. Not to shock but to give inspiration to all those parents currently desperately fighting to see their child, that there is hope and justice can be done.

I am inspired by the love, devotion & dedication theses parents have, to keep fighting when all seems lost.  I am humbled by the strength of these parents who continue to do the right thing for their children. 

Whilst I understand their passion, as I have been though a similar situation with my own son, helping others through the knowledge I have gained seems the most natural thing to do.

Whispers of Hope will be published in Kindle on 1st March and in paperback 1st June.

The second book in the series entitled ‘Shadowed Tears’ will be published in the autumn 2018.

‘Whispers of Hope’ is available on Kindle 1st March and in paperback 1 June 2018