When COVID-19 hit, my every normal activity and way of life shifted. I found myself tuned in to every informational venue I could find. Reports were coming from many sources, flooding our lives with so much conflicting data. Keeping a cool head in the midst of a pandemic is difficult when surrounded by experts who changed their minds about the outbreak. However, I thank God for my family. My parents have been in Christian ministry close to 50 years. My dad reminded me that it is the Lord that we put our complete trust in, regardless of issues or situations. His words calmed my heart and spirit. From that point, I focused on prayer, my scripture reading, zoom fellowship with people in my life and of course, my work projects.

Coming Home

Coming Home

One of my major ongoing projects is writing books in the Treasure Tree Series with my dad. We have completed two books, the Treasure Tree and Coming Home. Presently, we are working on the third book which is part of the projected five-book series. But having the kind of personality that draws one into adventure, I was elated to help my husband Lance Thompson (singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer) with projects as well. We spent time together developing music projects which included directing, coordinating, producing, and encouraging people through a megaphone to stay in character during the shoot.

Other activities during COVID-19 was adjusting to church services by streaming and bible studies through Zoom. The services were pre-recorded by my pastor and our worship team. They were very careful in following the requested safety measures of our civic leaders. Despite all the hoops we had to jump through, our church never missed a beat. We adjusted, but did not stop honoring our Lord. We are presently in Phase 3 where we gather weekly in our church as a body of believers. My spiritual care from my church has kept me sound. I thank God for family and friends.

The Lord has kept my heart cheerful. Whether it’s a pandemic, or everyday small occurrences, I have learned to rely on the Lord with all my heart. It was strange to see empty grocery stores and shortages of toiletries, food and handy wipes. I pray we never see another pandemic. I am thankful for the opportunities to serve and help others. COVID-19 invaded my world, but it did not prevent me from trusting God, loving my family or fulfilling my purpose. The best advice that I could give anyone in a pandemic is to trust God, love people and stay your course.

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